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ZW3D FTI – Sheet Metal Product Simulation Solution

Founded in 1989, Forming Technologies Inc. (FTI®) is the world’s leading provider of software solutions for the design, feasibility, and costing of sheet metal components. FTI® has provided OEMs and suppliers in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, and appliance industries with innovative solutions designed to reduce development time and material costs. Currently, such a device can be accessed with few CAD systems. For the ZW3D, FTI is available in two versions Lite and Professional. Splitting and expanding imported geometries and non-disk partitioning body models can not be a problem for ZW3D, as special commands are available to make it easy and quick to perform. When designing press tools, the design of track planes is also easy to implement. From simple to complex, all disk parts can be stretched out in the right way, without trying, saving you time and energy to your user.

FTI Lite for ZW3D

FTI Professional for ZW3D

The Most Accurate and Most Recognized Real-Time Material Cost Reduction Tool for Estimators and Tool Engineers.

It takes into account the following features of the metal component:

We can investigate the prepared part of the:


FTI Forming Suite Professional is our premier software package for sheet metal forming

The following professional modules are available for the software:

Cost estimating

Process planning

Product deign

Tool design

Cost Calculation and Estimation

– Cost Optimization for Disk Material Usage

Blank Development

Thorough and accurate documentation of the process

Sheet Metal Forming Simulation – High-end finite element solver

For companies that do not have deep draw and plate product simulation softwares, but sometimes need reliable benchmarks, we recommend our analysis service. With this, you can leverage the power of the software without investing, and at the same time make sure the software’s capabilities.

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