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Project Management

Currently we divided our project management team into three different teams depending on region, customer, and experience in pursuance of providing our customers consistent services as well as decent quality level by knowledge of customer’s specification and other necessary needs. Our designs manufacturing takes place in the EU, in the Far East and across our network of affiliated companies. UP Engineering works closely with its supplier base, seeking to promote quality at all stages of the supply chain. Based on this belief we will support you in all traditional categories of supplier management. Together with you, we will evaluate the performance of suppliers and define suitable targets. We can continuously compare to-be and as-is situations and will recognize any weaknesses in time to correct them swiftly.


Manufacturing in China

In the past few decades, manufacturing costs in China have been substantially lower than their equivalent in Western countries. Although prices have been on the rise in recent years, it’s still cheaper to produce in China than anywhere else. It is important, however, to realize that working with Chinese companies requires specific experience and expertise. China has a unique business culture, unlike anything to which Westerners are accustomed. China offers a myriad of suppliers at wide price and quality ranges, and subsequently at various levels of credibility. Companies unfamiliar with Chinese business culture will find it difficult to evaluate potential partners and to determine who is reliable and can be trusted to produce quality products. This, when combined with the obvious language barrier, creates a reality in which it is almost impossible to do business with the Chinese market without an intermediary.

UP Engineering brings over a decade of experience in the Chinese market. As a result of working with many different suppliers –some very good ones, others quite the opposite – we studied the market inside out and understood that the only way to offer our clients lower costs, without compromising on quality, would be to open a Chinese subsidiary.

We give our clients all the benefits of producing in China, without any of the associated risks:

Unmatched quality, on time, every time

Plastic injection mold during try-out:

Transfer and progressive dies for producing difficult automobile panels and components:

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