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SimWise for ZW3D

– Lifelike simulation

Your customers depend on your products to work how and for as long as they’re supposed to. Given this, nothing ruins your day or your budget quite as much as a spectacular prototype failure. SimWise FEA for ZW3D is a Finite Element Analysis tool that performs linear stress analysis on mechanical parts designed in ZW3D. It is highly automated and handles much of the complexity associated with FEA while offering powerful features for users who are steeped in the intricacies of the Finite Element Method. It transfers geometry directly from ZW3D and allows you to add structural specific entities to the model resulting in a functional structural prototype of your design. It simulates that prototype using advanced physics and mathematical techniques and presents the results of the simulation in various graphic and numeric formats.

You can quickly determine whether your design is robust enough to operate as intended or if modifications are necessary. All on the computer, all without costly and time-consuming physical prototypes and before warranty issues arise.

A Proven Simulation Tool in the area of industry

SimWise 4D was born when DST acquired a license from MSC Software Corporation to the MSC.visualNastran 4D (vn4D) product. The software traces its roots to the Working Model 3D product developed by Knowledge Revolution, which was acquired by MSC in 1999, extended to include FEA capabilities, and renamed Working Model 4D. It has found tens of thousands of users among engineering professionals, students, and educators.

Motion simulation + linear stress analysis = 4D

SimWise consists of SimWise Motion, which provides 3D kinematic and dynamic motion simulation, and SimWise FEA which provides linear static, normal modes, steady state thermal, and buckling FEA analysis. Each of these products can be purchased and used separately. SimWise 4D is the combination of SimWise Motion and SimWise FEA resulting in one seamlessly integrated mechanical simulation product. SimWise 4D delivers the same independent capabilities as SimWise Motion and SimWise FEA but the integration produces a coupled Motion and FEA capability that computes the stresses resulting from the dynamic loads induced by the motion of an assembly.

SimWise 4D – Working with CAD

SimWise is a CAD neutral product and the intention of DST is to work with every CAD system at the highest level possible. The means of interfacing with a CAD system fall broadly into three categories:

Generic/Neutral File

This is the lowest level of CAD integration. SimWise can read IGES, STEP, Parasolids, and ACIS files. If an assembly structure exists in these files, SimWise will maintain that structure. Most, if not all, CAD systems can export one or more of these formats.

Native Access via FILE OPEN

SimWise can directly open the following CAD file formats:

SimWise will transfer the part geometry, assembly/sub-assembly structure, part and assembly names, and material properties. SimWise maintains links to the CAD model and later, if the CAD model changes, the SimWise model can be updated. Depending on the extent of the change, most if not all of the SimWise information will be preserved across the update.

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